Meeting in the Middle

Ontario is growing. Our population is expected to increase to over 20 million people by 2046, a 36% increase from 2020, with the GTA expected to see the fastest rate of growth.1 All of these new people will need somewhere to live, putting additional pressure on our already stretched housing supply. We must prioritize creating […]

Ontario’s Growing Electricity Needs

Demand for electricity is rising rapidly in Ontario, driven both by economic growth and electrification. On the supply side, resource availability will be constrained by the retirement of the Pickering Nuclear Station, nuclear refurbishments, and contract expirations for other resources. As a result, after over a decade of strong supply, Ontario is entering a period […]

2022 Workforce Trends in York Region

  Workforce Planning Board of York Region is pleased to share the recently released “Workforce Trends in York Region 2022” Report that provides an update to the community on current labour market conditions in York Region. This year, labour market circumstances have been dramatically impacted. The pandemic and its aftermath have not only created significant […]

2022 Ontario Economic Report

2022 Ontario Economic Report

The Ontario Chamber of Commerce released its sixth annual Ontario Economic Report (OER), providing the latest data on Ontario’s economy and business confidence, highlighting the unprecedented year that was 2021 and the unpredictability of the year ahead. Download PDF: 2022-Ontario-Economic-Report.pdf

Better Budgets: Bolstering the Fiscal Resilience of Ontario’s Municipalities

Better Budgets: Bolstering the Fiscal Resilience of Ontario’s Municipalities

While COVID-19 has created a uniquely difficult situation for Ontario’s municipalities, it has also exposed areas to improve municipal fiscal governance. Local governments do not have the fiscal autonomy they need to make them competitive and maintaining the status quo could be devastating for communities in a post-COVID economic recovery. The impact of the virus […]

COVID-19 Pandemic Preparedness Toolkit For Ontario Businesses

Pandemic Preparedness Toolkit

View the toolkit here. As the situation with COVID-19 continues to evolve, it is critical that businesses are equipped with the knowledge, skills, and resources to respond to protect public health and ensure the continued essential operations of their organizations. The Ontario Chamber of Commerce team, in collaboration with Hicks Morley, have put together a […]