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Here's How It Works

In recent years Stouffville has seen substantial growth in our population. With that growth the very fabric or our community has become more ethnically diverse and much richer for it.

In celebration of ethnic diversity in Stouffville and thanks to a grant from the Town of Whitchurch-Stouffville Legacy Fund, the Stouffville Chamber of Commerce is seeking local artists or artist led teams to submit proposal/designs for permanent public art to be sited in Stouffville’s Main Street Village area. The project includes the design – based on functional outdoor weather resistant public benches. The theme is celebration of ethnic diversity within our community.

Artists will be selected by a Jury through a one to two-stage process involving a concept and design proposal, followed by interviews (if necessary) with short-listed candidates. Successful candidates will receive the physical bench and an additional $2,500 to implement the successful design (25% to be paid upon delivery of bench to artist, 25% at midterm date and 50% upon completion).




The artist or artist led team is invited to develop a proposal for artwork(s) that will address one or more of the following:

·       Enhance a welcoming and people-oriented space

·       Highlight and celebrate our town’s evolution as a multicultural community

·       Reflect transition, growth or discovery



Town of Whitchurch-Stouffville and Whitchurch-Stouffville Chamber of Commerce employees are not eligible to submit proposals to this call. Artists under 18 years of age must have their parent or legal guardian sign all required documents on their behalf. All artists must be living or working locally.



The Successful Artist will be selected through a two-stage process involving a Concept and Preliminary Design Proposal followed (if required), by an interview with the judging committee.

The Artist will be asked to provide 

a.     Artist’s Concept Statement: A brief statement (max 750 words) outlining the following: i. Artist’s vision for the proposed work, ii. A description of the concept; and iii. A description of how the proposed work addresses the project goals and theme.

b.     One or more sketches or diagrams that will effectively illustrate the idea of the proposed work to the Jury. This includes but is not limited to, drawing, collage, photography, digital, etc. Include notation on the sketch indicating the proposed materials.

c.      The relevant experience and qualifications of the Artist, or Artist-Led Team. If working as an Artist-Led Team, include the names and addresses of other team members such as fabricators, engineers and other Artists, their role in the team, and any other relevant experience.

d.     Up to five images of relevant completed works by the Artist in a document, identified with title, location, date, medium and owner for each work.


Artist Interviews (if required): If additional information is required, Artists should be prepared to provide a general overview of their proposal, answer any questions provided and to explain any additional information requested related to technical aspects of the proposal in a maximum 15-minute online presentation to be followed by questions from the Jury.



a.  Response to Competition Goals

The proposed work(s) is responsive to the competition goal and site context, and is appropriate for the physical context, competition parameters and community values as expressed through public consultation results. Max. points 40

b.   Artistic Excellence

The proposed work(s) demonstrates high artistic merit; concept shows innovation and creativity; originality of design and artistic skill. Max. points 40

c. Technical Feasibility

The proposed design, materials and installation methods are achievable within the site and project parameters, are durable, demonstrate good maintenance practices, are structurally sound and maximize public safety. Max Points 20



Artists Notified: October 14th 2022

Bench Delivery/Start Date: Week of November 7th 2022

Bench Mid Term Photo Date: January 16th 2023

Bench Completion Date: March 20th 2023



By making a submission to this call, the Artist guarantees that designs submitted are their own original creations and do not infringe upon the copyright of any other individual or group. In general, copyright of the design will remain with the Artist. Ownership of the finished benches will reside with the Whitchurch-Stouffville Chamber of Commerce.

Materials provided as part of an Artist’s submission to this call become and remain the property of the Stouffville Chamber of Commerce and may be used to promote this program or the Chamber’s activities in general.