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  • 5 Minutes for Business: The Explosive Debate around Minimum Wage
    Big increases to minimum wage are becoming fashionable in Canada: first Alberta (from $12.20 currently to $15 in October 2018), then B.C. (from $10.35 to $11.35 in September 2017) and now Ontario (from $11.40 to $15.00 in January 2019, a 30% hike in 18 months). Are workers better off or does it mean fewer jobs? […]
    Stacey Roy
  • 10,000 years stuck in traffic: Infrastructure gaps block Canadian productivity, new Chamber report finds
    Ottawa, July 19, 2017 — Lack of proper transportation infrastructure is a major barrier to Canada’s access to market and to its competitiveness, leading to lost opportunities and wasted time for both Canadian companies and residents, says a new report by the Canadian Chamber of Commerce. “As Canadians head out on vacation this summer, they […]
    Guillaum (Will) Dubreuil
  • Stuck in Traffic for 10,000 Years: Canadian Problems that Infrastructure Investment Can Solve
    Lack of proper infrastructure is leading to lost opportunities and wasted time for both companies and residents, says a new report by the Canadian Chamber of Commerce. As Canadians head out on vacation, they will be spending longer periods in their car, have more difficulty accessing their emails in certain parts of the country and have […]
    Guillaum (Will) Dubreuil
  • #MemberMonday
    Meet the Lethbridge Chamber of Commerce The Lethbridge Chamber of Commerce is the Voice of Business for Lethbridge and our region. The economy of Southwestern Alberta is anchored in a healthy and diversified agri-food sector that is growing and expanding despite the challenges faced by the provincial economy. With a growing membership of almost 800 businesses, our Chamber has […]
    Natalie Bergeron
  • Canadian Chamber to federal government: With two reports, 200+ perspectives and concrete recommendations for how to move forward, please act to clarify the duty to consult
    More than a year after it was submitted to the Minister of Indigenous and Northern Affairs, a report by Aboriginal legal expert Bryn Gray on how the Crown could improve its approach to its duty to consult Indigenous peoples has been released.  Mr. Gray was commissioned by the previous government to consult with Indigenous peoples as […]
    Susanna Cluff-Clyburne


Ontario Chamber of Commerce – News

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OCC Regulatory Update

The Ontario Chamber of Commerce’s (OCC) Regulatory Update summarizes what employers need to know about the latest changes to the regulatory environment for businesses.

We provide regulatory updates to the Chamber Network at three key times during the year to coincide with the government’s regulatory schedule. You will receive our next updates in December 2015 and June 2016.

This update is exclusive to members of the Chamber Network. We encourage you to share this information with your own members through your preferred communication channels (please include the *disclaimer at the bottom of this email if you do).

As you know, easing the regulatory burden for Ontario businesses is one of our top priorities. We are committed to continuing to advocate for a business climate that fosters investment and growth.

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Stouffville Chamber of Commerce – News

Local Updates

With all the excitement of a new year commencing, we are also reminded that it is also the beginning of the second half of Town Council’s term in office. We should see some indication of accomplishments during 2017 as the Councilors move towards re-election in 2018.

The Chamber is advocating for Town Council to create a distinct marketing plan to promote the attributes of Whitchurch-Stouffville to various desirable clean industry sectors to locate their businesses here. We need to grow our industrial and commercial commerce and without any promotion we will be left behind in development.

It is regrettable that the Town will be without a Chief Administrative Officer as of February 1. Rob Raycroft, the acting CAO has resigned. The Town will also be losing Town Clerk Michelle Kennedy as of January 31st she has announced her retirement. These two key senior positions must be filled in order for the Town to conduct its day-to-day business effectively.

2017 will see some significant temporary upsets on Main Street, as the reconstruction of Main Street enters into its second phase. Businesses located on Main Street between 9th and 10th line will have to contend with major construction and hence interruption of normal traffic patterns.

It would appear there is cautious optimism about the Ontario economy so we hope Chamber Members will fare well with their enterprises as we embark on a new year, a new journey and new opportunities.

Harry Renaud

Executive Director

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