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Chamber Advocacy

AdvocacyAs a Member of both the Canadian and Ontario Chambers of Commerce, the Chamber acts as the voice of the business community, advocating for our Members on important issues that affect business growth and operations, at all levels of government (national, provincial, regional and municipal).

The Chamber always ensures that its activities and initiatives are integrated and our voice is strong and cohesive in the public policy arena.

We are committed to participating in the development of local and regional economic strategies, and are advocating for increased investment and development of transportation infrastructures for our community.

We are affiliated with the Canadian Chamber of Commerce who, since 1925, has connected businesses of all sizes, from all sectors and from all regions of the country to advocate for public policies that foster strong, competitive economic environments that benefit business, communities and families across Canada.

In addition, we are affiliated with the Ontario Chamber of Commerce, Ontario’s largest, most inclusive and credible business network. The OCC undertakes research in Ontario’s most pressing policy issues from a business perspective.


The Stouffville Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors, organized and met with Mayor Altmann in May as part of the annual update of the Mayor’s vision for development in Whitchurch-Stouffville.

The primary purpose of the meeting was to gain a better understanding of the Mayor’s objectives for the Township of Whitchurch-Stouffville and to establish what role the Chamber can play in assisting in the economic development and promotion of Stouffville, as a great place in which to do business.


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2017 Advocacy Agenda

The Chamber will continue to be active through 2017/18 in advocating for a number of initiatives that are of interest to the membership. We will engage with all levels of government but our focus will be with Municipal, Regional and Provincial authorities on your behalf. We will be commenting on the following topics throughout 2017 with progress updates.

The initiatives agenda includes:

  • Better Public Transit.
  • Improved Broad Band Service for Stouffville community for both business and residential users.
  • Encourage the Town of Stouffville and York Region to take positive action to achieve the objectives set out in the most recent Economic Development Reports.
  • Promote development of employment land in Whitchurch-Stouffville for more commercial and industrial use.
  • Encourage the Mayor to create a marketing team charged with promoting Whitchurch-Stouffville as a great place to establish a business.
  • Promote better control by Ontario, so as to improve small business energy savings.
  • Eliminate bureaucratic RED TAPE for small business